What is Hatting All about?

Hi, so you want to know about Red Hatting? Red hatting groups are all different but what they have in common is fun and friendship.

This idea was born from the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph, it starts;

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me? 

Jenny talks about making up for the sobriety of her youth, running her stick along public railings and learning to spit! In a nutshell growing old disgracefully!

 Red Hat ladies love to dress up and when they go out together they wear the colour of the poem, red and purple, these are vibrant colours and after a few times of wearing them thats what you feel vibrant!

We put smiles on people’s faces and often get a giggle from them too. Best of all we don’t disappear in society. You know how anyone over 50 tends to be overlooked? Well that doesn’t happen to a Red Hat Lady, I have had so many people (including young men!) come over and chat to me about my outfit it’s wonderful!

If you have reached the magnificent age of 50, and sadly many of us don’t, you are entitled to wear a red hat and purple, if you are under 50 it’s a pink hat and lilac because you haven’t reached your full bloom yet! But of course when you do…..you will have a reduation party as you change from your pink hat to your red one. You are getting the fun bit now aren’t you?

Anyone who starts a group (a volunteer women’s co-coordinator!) becomes Queen of that group and she leads with, royal commands, her ladies of the court. These ladies must have royal titles so we have Countess of Cork, Lady Sew and Sew, Baroness Von Blab a lot, you can see where this goes can’t you?

We go to plays, restaurants, films; we have done belly dancing, pole dancing, and country dancing. We have had sand castle competitions, gone back to our school days and gone away to conventions and girlfriend giggle weekends. You can do anything you want to do and find a red hat sister to do it with you.

There are no rules with red hatting but there are guidelines. We do expect hatters to behave in a way that does not embarrass any other hatter or bring the concept of hatting into disrepute, we are Red Hat Ladies after all. 

Being that this about red hats it’s seems daft not to wear one, so yes we like to wear hats to most events. However they need to be ‘event appropriate’,you wouldn’t wear a huge hat to theatre ! Likewise we like to show people we are a sisterhood/group so we all wear purple on the shoulders (lilac for the pinkies) when we get together, it helps us belong together.

If you go to the video page you can watch WA red/pink hatters in action to get more idea.

The areas we have groups are shown on the map below


If you would like to contact a group please look at the map for your nearest group (click on the hat to get the name of group) send an email to:-

info@red-hatters-wa.net we will reply with details of a contact person for you to speak to and tell you if the group is accepting members at this time.

Red/Pink Hatters if you see there is incorrect information on this map or you know of a new group please email info@red-hatters-wa.net  and let us know. Thanks 

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