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About Us

Red/Pink Hatters in WA is the largest worldwide movement for women to connect, support and encourage each other in their quest to get the most out of life. 

Red/Pink Hatters in WA pursue fun, friendship, frivolity, food and “fruits of the vine” through the sisterhood of local chapters. Each Chapter is unique because the Queens and Members are from all walks of life and have varied interests. But they come together to have fun and support one another. 

Find out what Red/Pink Hatter events are coming up in West Australia. Or see how we celebrate life when we’re out and about having the time of our lives with like-minded, glamourous women. 

We’re looking for like-minded women!

Are you looking to have fun with like-minded women? 

Would you like to make lasting friendships by connecting with a sisterhood of women near you…or maybe even start your own chapter if there isn’t one locally available. 

Please get in touch.